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Curtis PMC 1207B series motor speed controllers are the direct replacements for the earlier 1207A models. They feature a microprocessor based logic section combined with a proven MOSFET power section. The 1207B series controllers are efficient, cost effective and easy to install.

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A controller-area network (CAN or CAN-bus) is a serial communications bus standard, allowing electronic control modules to communicate with each other within a vehicle. It was originally designed by Bosch specifically for automotive applications. CANopen is an international standard, and is a higher-layer CAN protocol for embedded control systems. CANopen has become the standard communication bus for most electric vehicle applications including forklift trucks and other materials handling vehicles. SAE J1939 is an alternate higher-level protocol that is commonly used for IC engine-powered vehicle applications, such as agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles, and automobiles. Most recent Curtis controllers adhere to the CANopen protocol and support the DS401 IO-device profile standard. Earlier Curtis CAN controllers adhere to the CAN2.0B standard, but run proprietary higher-level protocols called Curtis Nodes 1.0 and Curtis Nodes 2.0. Please note that SAE J1939-compliant variants of certain Curtis products are possible -please contact us for more information.
Plug Braking
Plug braking allows a vehicle to be braked electrically by selecting the opposite direction with the forward/reverse switch without releasing the throttle. When the motor is reversed, the armature acts as a generator and the controller regulates the current in the motor field winding to give an appropriate level of plug braking torque. The vehicle brakes smoothly to a stop, then accelerates in the other direction. Plug braking is supported on most Curtis Series controllers intended for traction control applications.


    Application Traction
    Vehicle Type Material Handling
    Max Voltage [VDC] 24
    Armature Current (2 min) [A] 250 - 300
    Plug Braking Yes
    Programmable Parameters Yes
    Line Contactor Driver Yes
    CANbus No
    IP Rating IP 54

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