27 Mar

Mel's Renting Services

After two decades in the material handling equipment industry, we have significant shoes to fill and milestones to cover. Quality and experience have always been the driving factor for us at each step.

The years spent in the industry have taught us many valuable lessons which we would like to emphasise not only for our growth but also to make the lives of the people who work with us easier.

When it comes to material handling equipment, we take into account the safety of our people who work tirelessly in compromised conditions such as that of manufacturing units or industrial warehouses. Moreover, the data and research with which we work also give us a thorough idea about the initial costs which surround our industry. We are aware of the expenses of purchasing material handling equipment that might not be very economical for every business.

While purchasing new material handling equipment might not look like the most feasible option in terms of capital expenditure, the rental option becomes the best alternative. Renting the appropriate equipment helps neutralise the increased demand and helps reduce the capital expenses involved. What business houses should prioritise is the need for equipment according to the severity of their purpose.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the dexterity of the workers who are eventually going to use the equipment. It is only appropriate to provide according to the ones who are adept with using kinds of material handling equipment such as forklift trucks, electric stackers, battery-operated pallet trucks (BOPT), reach trucks, etc.

To summarise the benefits of renting material handling equipment:

  • Flexibility in choosing the appropriate equipment(s): ranging from forklift trucks of different classes and capacities to electric stackers, battery-operated pallet trucks (BOPT), reach trucks, etc., renting can help multiply productivity to meet any need of the organisation.
  • Ease of maintenance and payment: Renting material handling equipment of any type has a service and maintenance charge included in the rental charges, so there is no extra cost incurrence for maintenance and service.
  • No big investment cost when there is a fleet requirement: Finding out the cost of each piece of equipment in a fleet may be overwhelming when one starts to invest in a fleet. However, for fleet rental, the cost is a fixed amount for each product assured per month.
  • Fixed-rate for the entire contract period: Deviation in the price of the product does not affect the rental contract price during the period. So, there is no impact of inflation on rental expenditure during the tenure.
  • Accelerate business growth: Renting material handling equipment allows one to invest the saved capital into business growth opportunities like technology enhancements that can increase productivity and reduce costs significantly in the long term.
  • Minimising service involvement and stocking parts are not required: Spare parts are easily maintainable, and there is flexibility in choosing the spare parts as a part of the contract.

Moreover, other benefits surrounding renting material handling equipment allow for bypassing high upfront costs and choosing the optimal equipment as per the requirement. The equipment can easily be returned after fulfilment of the requirement, or when the contract expires. This also provides an opportunity for businesses to upgrade products according to the advancement in technology.